A problem in search of a solution

Representative David Linsky, a self proclaimed opponent of the United States Constitution, has grabbed the limelight with his proposal to close the non-existent gun show loophole in Massachusetts.

It is clear that he either does not understand the current laws in the Commonwealth, or is intentionally misleading the public in an act of grandstanding.

Linsky proposes that all gun sales take place at a Federally Licensed gun dealer who can perform a “Universal” background check.

What he doesn’t seem to understand is that, in order to legally sell a gun in Massachusetts, both the seller and buyer must have a valid License to Carry firearms, and the seller is required to verify that the buyer’s license is valid. The holder of a license to carry firearms has already gone through a background check. Furthermore, if a license holder is arrested or charged with a crime in Massachusetts, the department that arrests the defendant WILL notify the licensing authority who issued the license.

So what problem is Linsky trying to solve? Have there been ANY cases where someone sold a gun to a criminal who somehow managed to pass a background check and get a license to carry?

So what “problem” is Linsky trying to solve? The answer is obvious. He wants to take away our ability to defend ourselves. A review of all of his proposed legislation over the years will prove that.