I read a story about a car that was stopped for tinted windows. The officer “determined the operator was not being truthful”, so called in a drug-sniffing dog and found drugs.
LISTEN CAREFULLY: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ASKED BY THE POLICE EXCEPT TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF. If this operator had kept his mouth shut, the police would not have been permitted to detain him to bring in the dog.

Have you been arrested?

Do not “Take a Deal” or plead guilty without consulting with an attorney. A criminal record is not to be taken lightly. It can come back and haunt you for the rest of your life.

Have you been served with a restraining order?

First, under no circumstances should you violate the terms of the restraining order, no matter how unfair you think it is. Even if the restraining order is completely unjustified, violating the order is a crime.You must act quickly. It is often possible to vacate the order and make the police departments remove all records. Unless that happens, every time you encounter the police, they will be made aware of the order, even after it expires.

Have the police asked you to come down and “Answer a few questions”?

You do not have to answer any questions. Refusing to answer questions is NOT obstruction of justice. Telling the officer that you prefer not to speak with him is not obstruction. You CAN be charged and convicted for providing incorrect answers. If you tell the officer that you do not know, and  you actually do know the answer, you may be charged with a crime.

Please note: If you are told by a COURT to answer questions, you must do so. Only a COURT has the authority to make you answer questions. The POLICE do not have that authority.